How long do you wait for a guy?

He was in a 3 year relationship and it ended around 6 months ago. I like him a lot and he says he likes me too and he thinks we have a connection, but he isn't ready to date yet. He isn't dating anyone else and hasn't slept with one girl since the break up. He says when he's ready I'll be the first to know, how long do you wait, without letting him know your waiting and how do you act around them? Do you act like friends or wait and see if hell come around and give him his space?


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  • The more you like him, the less time you should give him. Make sure to stay in contact; give him occasional signals such as token gifts, and find out, discreetly, what you can from others, and/ or the guy. Himself, about the ex and the break-up

    • I've known him for over a year and I know about the break up...why do I wait less time the more I like him? He'll always get my attention when I try not to show as much as I used to.

    • The. More certain you aare of your feelings, the less you should wait for him to get over the break-up

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