So I tried dating nice, shy guys but it's just not working and I end up hurting them?

So you people always say stop dating jerks and players, find a nice and more shy guy, right? I tried that. And I ended up hurting them, which I hate myself for. I'm really an upbeat and friendly girl but I seriously get bitchy and annoyed if the guy never dares to make a move, I feel like I have to make a fire under his butt or shake him so he finally "becomes alive" lol

anyway, I went on those dates although those guys didn't excite me in no way but I was hoping that the attraction will "grow" over time as you said. Never happened, but they started to become good friends in my eyes.

I don't really know what to do now :( keep trying to date shy guys or just leave it and accept that I'll be stuck with jerks?


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  • You need women's advice in this.

    A basic problem is that as a culture we encourage nice boys to stay as nice, sexless boys. Most only break out of that by getting frustrated and turning into jerks. So the supply of kind but strong men is very, very low.

    • well how to find those few men then?

  • Nice and shy = boring.

    The guys who think of themselves as nice, may hate to hear this, but it's true.

    You can find a guy who isn't boring, and isn't a jerk - they are just harder to find because they are premium.


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