Getting the guy?

so long story short... I knew this guy for about 3 years now. we would talk but either I would get scared or it wouldn't go anywhere. there are def like 3 encounters throughout these 3 years that this happened.

recently, this past weekend it finally happened. I was out at a bar with my girls and I saw him there with all his friends. (I have actually been thinking about him for a few weeks and hoping he would show up bc, I always see his roommates out but not him) so I went up to him and said hi... we started talking, he bought me a beer, and it went smoothly. I said wana go back to my place, but we just end up going to his place. we mess around but I do not have sex with him (I don't want to be too easy) we also just talked about what we have been up to and he was sweet to me and in the morning too (cuddled a lil).

the next day... I had to do all the initiating because I texted first and asked what he was doing later ...he said he might go out to the bars. I knew I was going to already because it was my friends birthday. so luckily... I saw him there. we talked a bit, dance not a lot cause he feels he sucks( I didn't mind initiating dancing cause most guys are shy) we had a good night... and I went back to his place again. did same thing but cuddled more and talked. he asked me my plans for the next day cause at our school was homecoming...i mentioned about a haunted house my friends and I were going to. he does not like scary movies at all.

sooo I was holding out and waiting for him to text. I saw him at the homecoming game... only said a hey and got a hug cause he was working the game. I waited till around nightish time to text him cause he didn't... I said how my friends and I were going did he wanna join? ...he said no and was just gonna say in for the night. so we were just texting... and I was like so we should hangout later this week. he said 'Yes def'. so that was a good response I think!

sooo I'm not gonna text him for a few days, unless he texts me first to make plans. my question is are some guys like that... the girl has to do all the initiating? like he knows I have a thing for him...i made it really obvious? so like he needs to be chased so I can get this guy? ...its really annoying me because I'm used to being chased by the guys.


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  • Well here is the thing I'm sure he knows how you feel about him but he's not acting on it. Now he knows where to reach you and the fact that you have to do all the work is not good.