Had a first date last night...I kind of messed up the end. Thoughts?

Alright so I am 25, she's 22. I met her on a Wednesday at a political event (we are both libertarians, that's pretty rare!) and I asked her out, we exchanged numbers, and the next day decided to go out the coming up Saturday. I picked her up at 8 and all went well. We went to a unique 80s themed bar and then a more chill place and got to know each other better. Around midnight I went to take her home (She had work Sunday morning), and here is where the crap went down. I am usually the kind of guy that at some point or another on a first date, if I am digging the girl I will go for the kiss at some point. The problem here is she lives in an apartment in the downtown area of a MAJOR city.

It's Saturday so...no parking at all. I was unable to react and before I knew it she was hopping out of my car, all smiles, telling me to call her sometime, and I was driving home. ...I realize this was not a total disaster but not even a hug? I feel like such a loser, and I am really digging her too. It's a shame they don't have drive ways in cities.

She wasn't too touchy feely during the date and was actually kind of shy but I got her to open up easy. She acted cold (it was like 30 degrees) so Id put my arm over her while we walked, etc. It was all standard. This ending is irking me though...do you guys think she is irked too? I'm still going to call her tonight but should I let this bother me?


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  • Don't let it bother you so much. It was a first date you guys had a good time. I say just have another date and this time don't wait till the end of the date to hug her or kiss her. If you like her and she likes you I don't see any issue. So don't worry about it.

  • no I don't think you should let this bother you lol Its kind of nice sometims whehn guy holds back on the that stuff , because when he does actually try to kiss you it makes it more specail since he waited. idk..least that's the way I would see it.


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