How did your very first conversation with your now significant other, start or come about?

I feel like the question could have been worded a bit better lol but ohh well.

So yeah, your very first conversation with your bf/gf, before you really knew them and obviously before you started dating them.

The first "real" conversation my boyfriend and I had was sparked up when he mentioned something about rough sex. It caught my attention right away because I didn't know anyone else that was into it. Almost immediately we got into a conversation about our fetishes and whatnot lol That common interest kept us close and we remained friends since I had a boyfriend at the time. Once my ex and I broke up, he kind of just swooped down and claimed me haha

We've been dating since and I love him more than anything.


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  • I was talking to someone about what classes I was signed up for the upcoming semester and he jumped in because he loves school and already graduated so he missed it and wanted to talk about it. He had taken all the classes I was signed up for so he turned out to be a big help.


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  • This website it was about a my profile discription

  • A lot of us quiet, laid back guys are into rough sex. We kind of sneak up on you like that. Some of us like it really rough, even rape role play, etc. :)

    I'll keep that in mind when talking to female friends. It is always cool to find girls who are into that. I just got out of a relationship, but the last girl I met was online, so we just chatted about music and took it from there.


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