What kind of flirty text messages could a girl send a guy?

We're both very open (and sometimes) vulgar, so it's all been said before. What are some things I could say that are super "cute" or even hot and sexy to get him thinking about me?

answers would be great.


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  • Tell him something sexual real late at night. I always enjoy those texts at like 1am: "I'm so wet, I should take this out of me." Then take it from there. The thing is it seems as if you said its all been said before. So I'm not so sure. Another thing that I find cute, is when you take an innocent text and turn it into something dirty... it all depends on the guy and girl though, really.

    • Thanks! Do you have any ideas of something simple that can be interpreted as something sexual? I love double entendres like "I'm going to go outside to suck on a fag" (lol, as in smoke a cigarette!) Anything like that.

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