If he doesn't text first, he isn't interested?

A guy and I have been texting for the past month. Every day, we either text for a half hour up to three for four! This past Thursday we texted for three hours straight about cars! =)

I know I shouldn't get so uptight because we should probably be talking on the phone by now...but we haven't texted at all since Friday afternoon...makes me sad/worried :(

I thought I wasn't being too pushy either & taking it slow...

Any advice? Ohhhh - scratch that...

Any kind advice? lol


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  • Maybe he did not text because he was busy...Why do you girls always assume the worst? Just text him.

  • He's probably thinking in his head ' ''If she doesn't text first, she isn't interested?''

    • lol if only... :) Thanks for the answer! :)

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