Birthday/holiday presents for potential/new date

I was wondering if any girls have advice on gift giving for someone you just started dating or might want date.

I know not to get into anything expensive, but is it even necessary to get a gift? Would a guy giving you a birthday present early on change how you look at him? Good or bad? Last, if a guy has decent to good wrapping skills, does it make you think he's gay?

Guys can chime in too. Just talk about how you'd feel if a girl gave you a gift early on in a relationship.


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  • I guess I wouldn't mind, but you do understan you would be setting the tempo, I'm sure its a better word to use,anyway just make it clear what the gift represents and give it to her with a smile she would love it, doesn't matter how expensive or inexpensive,just let her know its a token of appreciation, not that she accepted the date because she is who she is, and who she is makes you very happy... That's it.Good luck, if she's as sweet and thoughtful as you she would not mistake your friendship, but if she is shallow and undeserving ,...f her take it back, and keep it moving., again good luck.


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  • get her something that represents an inside joke... or just get her jewellery, not like expensive jewelry, but don't make it dollar store crap either

  • Your D!ck in a Box!


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