Had a chance with a really great girl but never dated her yet

i'm feeling a lot of regret over her as I think she would of been a great girl for me and for whatever reason she seemed interested . I meet her at a bar here at start of summer and saw her a few times during but never dated her . saw her again last night and chatted at bar , she's still around town and doesn't seem to being dating anyone .

i don't know feel like I let a great one get away and can't really explain why other than I was still into another girl that summer only to later realize she was old news . now I realize new girl had way more potential but feel I wasted my chance


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  • you said she is still around the town area where you are right? I mean, you could just do what you did previously and chat her up again? what have you got to lose.. why do you feel she's "gotten away" ? at least she's still physically present where you are!

    • well true but I didn't see her at all for an entire month and don't have her number . or know where she works or anything like that . I've just seen her at a few of the local pubs and bars . I'm not sure its going anywhere for the time being unless I randomly run into her somewhere

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  • If she is dating anyone and you aren't dating anyone or holding onto old baggage, you haven't missed the ship! Make sure you are ready to start anew and there is no old drama or female lingering around that could cause future problems with any new relationship you start. Remember who you are without a female, strengthen your relationship with friends and family, and your hobbies/ goals. And go up to this good girl, introduce yourself, let her know that you think she is pretty or whatever and that you would like to take her on date.. The only thing you will regret is never asking and knowing what could of been... Your chance is still there


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