Why on earth would anyone go on a dating site to look for friends?

A woman has told me that she is on a dating site to find male friends.

I don't think there's one male on there that is looking for girls to go shopping with.

Why would anyone go on a dating site just to make friends?

And how could she expect me to be so deluded by her at such an early stage. This seems like the words of a manipulative person, trying to string men along, the quintessential tease. WTF, everybody?

I give up on it. I have cooled off, and I think she really just didn't expect anything. Which means I didn't really communicate my intentions well enough. I thought since we were so compatible, especially on the sex questions, that we could just have a good time, and then extend that into a day out together at the park, taking photos.

She said I didn't read her checkbox for "new friends". Excuse me. So I created a profile that says I'm full grown. I want romantic involvement. Sex included.


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  • I highly doubt any man or woman that claims to be on a dating site to make friends. Yes, it is possible, but not probable. I wouldn't take her at her word if you're seeking an exclusive relationship. If that's what you want, she needs to take down her profile if she wants to be serious. She can make all the female friends she wants through offline means. Removing the profile is a necessary act of good faith.

    • I know, you should see all the people posting on her fb page every day, and she's always out w/friends or having some over. I think she is getting some narcissistic supply from me. Leading me around by my d***.

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    • Don't. Just don't.

    • I didn't. I tried to talk to her on IM a couple of times to see if there was still any spark. Nothing. She's not my type, I guess. I think the dating site we were using needs to rethink its compatibility guestimator.

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  • If she told you this upfront, then she isn't manipulative lol

    • Nope, and my profile says what I want: lover(s). I'm moving to another state soon, that's also in the profile. So why start a friendship with someone who's leaving.

      I think that she got talked out of it by her guy friend /neighbour, who was doing laundry at her place. He hung out for a bit. 5 or 6 hours. Cockablockapus Rex.

  • I mean friends first before lovers =P


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  • maybe she meant friends, with benefits?

    • She's got those. Multiple ones, according to her.

      I am too polite and I just let the conversation go on, while the blocker friend was there. Engaged him in more conversation than her, actually. We had a good time. Maybe that's why after he finally left, she treated like a play date.