Did I come on too strong?

I met a guy at the beginning of September and I felt like we hit it off pretty well. We didn't have so much in common, but talking was really comfortable and neither of us seemed to have difficulty in just talking. In school, he takes more difficult classes than I do and always seems to have his hands full. We've hung out 3 times after that first meeting, but only one of those times was just the 2 of us. Last week I felt like I had been bothering him when I tried texting him while he was busy so I asked him when he would have time to hang out again and he told me that he'd be busy until the next week. so I restrained from texting him for a 10 days to give him some space. When I tried texting him "Hi" he didn't respond with anything (I thought it was because he was busy at band practice) and when I tried texting him again the next day, I still got no reply. I don't understand, did I do something wrong? Did I end up scaring him away?


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  • I don't see anything wrong. Maybe it's not you but he is quite busy, he forgot to text you back, he's not in the mood, he has some stuff on his mind, he didn't feel like texting at the moment and forgot, ...

    Just let him text you first for a time and leave him until then.