Sweet but not very confidant. Would I be someone to consider dating?

I am known for being very sweet and have never failed to have people be nice to me. I am also painfully shy and not very confident anymore because of a heartbreak in the past. I have been texting a lot the past few months with a guy I like, and been around him a couple of times. I just wonder if I would be a type a guy would date, or if my personality will turn guys away from me? I am not flawless or anything, but am a type that guys would probably find cute and I have a very nice figure. Just SO shy and unsure of myself.


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  • 1) You'll probably get a lot of pic requests to "prove" your figure status. :p

    2) Being gunshy after a heartbreak is only natural, but at some point you'll need to move on with your life and get back into dating (if that really is what you want). I stepped out of the dating scene after a pretty bad incident between two friends and myself and 10 years went by in a blur before I realized what was going on and resumed dating.

    As they say, time Marches on regardless of what you feel or do. Don't squander the best dating years of your life fretting about possibilities and being too afraid to try. If you wait too long, life could wind up passing you by (and there is no reset button).

    • It's been nearly 8 years and I am still not very sure of myself. I can send pictures if anyone wants to see how I look but am not comfortable showing myself on this because I am not sure if the guy I am texting with goes on here or not, and do not want him to see this from me on here if he does.

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    • minor INconvenience. Pardon the typo.

      Also, I am curious about the picture.

    • I sent a friend request. If you accept it, you can see how I look.

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  • I have no problem with shy girls, some people just like being more relaxed and there's no shame in that. I also like sweet and cute girls. However, I like confidant girls even more. If you can't stand up for yourself and happily embrace the cute and shy person you are, then I will just not think of you as an equal and eventully move on.

    That's just me though just to be clear. If you can find someone who likes you despite the low confidence, good for you. =) I will still hope that you manage to get more confidence as well. Good luck with the guy you're texting ^^

    • Thank you for the honest answer and thanks for the good luck comment. :)

    • No problem ;) Go get him tigress xD

    • Thank you. :)

  • I think it depends on the guy. You can't really sum up weather all guys will date you or not. I myself am a shy guy and I also have low confidence. I find myself attracted more to fellow shy girls and not to very outspoken ones. Its all in the person. Have you seen any clues other then the texting he may be interested? Even things you might see as jokes or just being friendly.

    • Responding to texts in a situation once that may have been awkward and he could have been teased from coworkers? I knew him growing up, BTW. We were "a thing" as kids.

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  • you need to let the past go and be the best confident you,one can be,i have been there and done that too,we all feel down after we get kicked and on top of that we kick ourselves more,pick yourself up find what makes you happy and you will attract like minds,u are dating material,u just ran into a knucklehead who thought so too and then changed his own mind not because you did anything but because he isn't sure what makes him happy and that wasn't your job to begin with,

    • It's been a long time and I got hurt bad enough that I am having a hard time getting my confidence back.

    • I knw the feeling,just read a lot of blogs on confidence and self esteem ,there s a lot of support out there,reach out.