Met a guy Friday night. Haven't heard from him since?

It's noon on Monday today. On Friday my boss invited me and some friends, and other coworkers to his place for drinks after work. It was a great time, then these 3 guys came a bit later, that my boss also invited for drinks, but they don't work with us. They were in their 20's. My friend and I are 19. Our boss told us he invited some cute guys to hang out with me and my friend, so we'd have a better time at the little party, since all of our coworkers are 30+ y/o.

After everyone started leaving, it was only me, my friend, and the 3 guys. Since they arrived I noticed this one guy (I was sort of interested in, lets call him Sid ) looking at me when we were playing basketball, and other little games to stay occupied. When I would notice we would make eye contact for a few seconds and he'd smile at me and shyly look away. He seemed really shy, and he's quiet. This continued while we were there. We then decided to go out for a bite to eat and some drinks at a local bar, and they decided to come along. It was about 8:30pm

The whole time we were out at the bars, Sid was right beside me. We held hands and talked to each other, about who we are and what we do. I decided to run home (my house is a few blocks from the bar) to get a sweater, because it gets pretty cold at night. I told him what I was planning to do, and he decided to come with me because he didn't want me to be alone. He was cold too, and I had a hoodie that was way too big for me that I got at a sport event, so I let him use it, and we went back to meet our friends at the bar. On the walk to my house he said he had been in my town for a few months, and even though his contract ended soon, he didn't want to leave because he made good money. He basically told me that he wasn't moving back home anytime soon. I'm assuming because he wanted me to know that he'd be around for me, and he wasn't just flirting for no reason

At about 11pm the one friend of theirs got us all kicked out of the bar. So we went to my place and we all hung out. Me and sid were cuddling and he kissed my head. (The previous Monday, I was broken up with, and I told Sid. He didn't seem to worried.). He kept asking me what I was doing Saturday, and that me and him should do something. While we were cuddling he was going to kiss me, and told him that I wasn't ready yet, and he seemed fine with that and kissed my head again and held me.

They boys left at about 1:30am (because they had to work all Saturday), and Sid got my number and said they'd text me Saturday to see what my friend and I were doing.

It's now Monday, and I haven't heard from him. I saw him briefly on Saturday when I was downtown, but we just smiled and waved because I was in a hurry, and he was across the street.

Is he waiting to contact me, or is he not interested? I've was in a long relationship so I'm not used to these kinds of things. I don't know his number, but he knows mine, so I can't get ahold of him. Should I just wait some more?


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  • i don't know it sounds like the classic drunken bar pick up story , not really sure its going anywhere . wouldn't he have contacted you by now ? its also possible he was so drunk he didn't remember a lot of that night and might not even remember asking for the number

    or he just got busy on the weekend and totally forgot , a lot of people are very busy on the weekend

    • I didn't meet him at the bar, and he didn't start drinking until 930. I suppose the busy weekend is right... It is the canadian Thanksgiving weekend currently.

    • your from canada too , I was out this weekend as well . its a very busy weekend at the bars as its a holiday . I ran into lots of people as well and meet some girls . reality is its a very busy night and when morning comes its hard to remember the entire night . think in this sort of crazyness its easy to overlook who we meet and forgot to contact them

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  • just live life,if he calls he calls if not,who cares ,there are other fish in the sea,but I think you still have some healing to do so try not to get too involved in what guys think right now,u are vulnerable at this point and guys can sense it and might take advantage of that,be cautious sweetie.

    • The breakup was pretty mutual actually, and we both knew it was coming for the past few months, we just didn't know when. I was already mentally prepared for it. It was tough for a day or so trying to figure out what to do with my free time. But I'm fine, honestly! My ex was a total d***, and we NEVER did anything. He always said "no" whenever I wanted to do something so it's not much of a loss

    • ok so you are probably ready to date,date someone who doesn't keep you guessing

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