Why do some people hate the time-saving practice of "mass messages", when it comes to texting and IMing?

This is a pattern I've noticed.

If I send a message such as what I'm up to (something noteworthy), and I'm asking people what they're up to, or what their opinion is about something:

If I send a "mass message", aka sending the same message to several numbers, with no personalization (name, username, inside joke) so I can send it to several people at once to save time...



...I get very noticeably less replies than when I take the extra time to personalize EACH INDIVIDUAL MESSAGE with some sort of personalization (name, username, inside joke).

These are people that actually have me on their contact list in their phones / accounts, not "randoms" who don't recognize my phone # or username.


Imo, sending mass messages is more convenient and time-saving than personalizing each individual message.

Do people seriously feel the narcissistic need to be coddled, and have their message to be personalized, in order to "feel special enough" to reply to an I'm or text message?


Vote and reply as much as you like, stating examples if you so wish.

Feel free to guess the Pokemon! :-D

  • Most cases, "personalized" or not, I'll reply to the message just the same
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  • Most cases, if the message isn't "personalized", I'm slightly less likely to reply
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  • Most cases, if the message isn't "personalized", I'm a lot less likely to reply
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  • Most cases, if the message isn't personalized, I'll always be ignored
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I voted less likely, but for different reasons that you mention.

    The main reason I don't respond to mass messages is that I have an iphone and I can't figure out how to reply just to that person vs. to "reply all." They just changed that recently. I don't know how other phones work, but I often forget to reply back if I have to go all the way into my contacts and send them a response in that way, rather than just hitting a button to reply.

    Also, information that you send to more than one person tends to be less likely to have content worth replying to, rather than just taking note of. I only reply to forwards on occasion, for example.

    The third reaon is that, if a person is asking a bunch of other people, I figure someone else will answer their question. It's not a "I need to feel important thing" but the opposite, like, "Oh hey, I don't need to type anything in response, someone else will."


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What Girls Said 5

  • hmmm...mass messages as in forwards?

    uhm to be honest usually when I get a mass message they are chain letters...so I immediately ignore them.

    the other mass messages I get are parties...depending on the person I usually decide whether or not to ignore it.

    the others I get are usually holiday messages...you know the whole "Merry Christmas I hope you got what you wanted...in which I will respond but tend to stop after the 10th person. its hard to keep up...

    last but not least the picture mail mass message that either scare me to death or gross me out...

    I don't really think people are narcissistic and feel that if its not personalized then its not worth there time because its not just for them...but I do feel that if a message is important enough or even an emergency it will be sent to only you for your input or response. Even than your more likely to get a response from a mass call like 3-way than you are a mass message. lol I guess blame the people who send stupid things through mass messages such as chain letters and what not...its probably why a lot of those masses your sending go unanswered. People are annoyed.

    think of it as spam...

    people don't want it..sometimes your good masses just get put into junk mail which many people don't check to see if what they are looking for is in junk mail.

    eh hope I grasped what you were asking...

    anyhow good luck


  • It feels like you're just bored and sending out bait hoping for any fish to bite.so unless I'm equally as bored I don't feel like responding because its not personalized and you don't really care you're just looking for anyone out there to respond lol

  • idk why people get upset... it personally doesn't bother me... I agree it is more time saving. however, I rarely have the need to send a mass message

  • I usually respond back if I feel like it or if I think the notice is important or worth answering. Whether the notice is personalized or not, not so much a big deal.

  • it's annoying if it has nothing to do with you


What Guys Said 4

  • That's because everyone wants to feel so specccccccccccccccial!

    Honestly, some people need to get over it. Big deal, mass communications are a good idea if you have a lot of people to hit up.

  • Prof Don,

    Mass Messaging via text is an on going study amongst communication scholars.

    In my opinion, the reason why it is not effective, is its because we can't read body language over text, and we don't have a mental picture of the person that has sent the text.

    Social Information Processing Theory, is a human nature thing and it has been around since the age of man, but today, the internet has made it more easier. Basically, when we meet someone, we tend to find things about that person, we become curious to make ourselves lower the uncertainty.

    To sum it up, not know who the sender of the text is, and the purpose of the message will negate Social Information Processing Theory (people will less likely be curious or apt to reply back)

    Finally, ill go back to the on going study on mass texting. Communication scholars are studying it now, for the purposes of using it on advertisements later. A TV advertisement, lasts about 30 seconds. So communication scholars are trying to find away to get people reading the messages. How can we create a perfect once liner sentence, that will get people to vote? My answer is, its impossible because people can't read body language via text AND of because the rules of literature.

    • When I send "mass messages", it's to people on my contacts list, not people who don't know me.

      Just wanted to add that detail.

  • I voted B. But it's not quite about being narcissistic or wanting to feel special. It's more like, well, he clearly doesn't specifically want to talk to me, and I don't really feel like talking right now cause I'm feeling lazy... so I'll just go ahead and let the other people he messaged reply to him.

    Although: "If I send a message such as what I'm up to (something noteworthy), and I'm asking people what they're up to, or what their opinion is about something" - if you're asking me something cause you're actually taking an interest in me, even if you're taking an interest in others too, sure, I'll reply. (E.g. if you mass message "what are you up to".) But if you message "what are you guys up to" I'll just expect the other people you messaged to message you back so I won't have to.

    I never use mass messages anyway... are you talking about via e-mail? Cause I know if it's via texting they can't see who else you texted and it only shows you texted them, so they could actually not even know it was a mass text.

    In any case, I agree with the anon girl's last two paragraphs.

  • I voted "B"...recognizing a mass message or form letter makes me feel less obligated to acknowledge...unless...the message is in the form of a question and is asking for responses from one & all...(:(:(: