How to show her I care?

So I met this girl in lecture a few weeks ago and we've been talking, hung out once, and went to dinner once. I like her and I'm about 95% sure she's still into me. I'm planning on doing something else with her towards the end of this week (date-wise) but today in class she said she got sick over the weekend (you could tell) so I'm wondering what I could do just as a small kind of "hope you feel better" thing - just something to kind of take the next step, show her I care about her more. Or should I just leave it at a nicely timed text since we Haven't been dating long/aren't in a relationship?

Thanks for the help!


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  • You could get her something small like a teddy bear, but nothing expensive...or I don't know bring a movie over and watch it with her to keep her entertained since you can't go out. That or the text, which is up to you because I don't know how serious you want to go!

    • Nice, thanks! I guess I'm just wondering more if it'd be weird to do something more than a text at this point given we've only been on one "official" date? I mean the chemistry is there, I just don't want to seem too overbearing too early - yet at the same time I want her to still see me as someone different...

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    • hmm good point...probably gonna just stick with texting/calling and I'll make sure to make our date special ;)

    • glad to help!

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  • What happened? Did you go on another date? Did she like your present? Curious.

    • So I didn't ever end doing anything because I found a couple other posts with people in a similar "predicament" shall we say. I ended up just asking how she was feeling a couple days later and said (here's what got her I think) "Let me know when I can borrow you for another evening." She kind of shook off the date I suggested initially and then suggested I come over to her place for breakfast and "meet the roomies" instead...So kind of a win win I'd say haha