Help with my jealousy?

I'm seeing a guy, we don't have a relationship but we sleep together and we've decided to be "exclusive" and we've told each other we like each other a lot but the only problem is that I get mad at him all the time and that I have a problem with trusting him.

I spend the night at his place from Thursday to Friday, and he said he didn't have any plans for the weekend.

We got into a fight on the phone on Friday evening, but on Saturday morning I felt bad and called to apologize but he just said that he was busy and that we could talk a little later instead.

He didn't call during the rest of the day so I called at 11 pm but no answer, so I just texted goodnight to him, no answer either.

He didn't contact me during the whole Sunday either, so I texted him in the evening and said that "if you don't wanna talk to me just say so, and I won't bother you anymore"

he replied and said "I'm not mad at all, I was just busy (strange to me since he said he didn't have any plans for the weekend) and that he wanted to talk to me later, but was busy right now"

He only sent a short text in the middle of the night "what's up?" but he's been unusually overly sweet to me (on text) the whole day today.. I'm just confused

I think he's lying to be about that he's not seeing other girls, If we're ”exclusive”, and he doesn't reply in 24 h, not even when I said goodnight, isn't that bullsh*t? Since we don't even have a relationship?

I feel awful and jealous and I don't know if I should say anything about it or just try not to care?


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  • "we don't have a relationship but we sleep together". In actuality, you DO have a relationship, it just isn't a very good one.


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