Don't know what to talk about with girl on date?

Okay so I am supposed to be going out with this girl, but I have no idea of what to talk to her about. Other then the hey how was your day, how were classes? There isn't much that I can possibly think of without coming off to strong, what do you like doing in your free time(which she states is not much). Maybe someone can help me with this.


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  • How did you meet her? Wherever you met her, that's a common point of interest (geography, friends, work, classes, pineapple section of the grocery store etc.) that you have in common. Touch on that a little and ask a transitional question. For example, if you met through mutual friends, talk about one of your "best of" antics and ask her about hers. Ask how long have you each known these friends? Ask who else in the group you know and how you met. This sort of thing will lead to NEW transitional questions based on your mutual interests in certain types of sports or hobbies.

    If you're in different classes at school, ask her how they went. If you're in similar classes, ask her what she thinks of X, Y and Z.

    The standard one I get is "How are you? How was your day and how was your night?" It was interesting the first time I got a message like that, but afterward it seemed too prefab. Ask her open questions ("How"/"What"/"Where"/"Who"/"Why") rather than closed questions ("Did you...") that she can answer with a yes, no, or shrug. "How did you like the concert?" is better than "Did you like the concert?" for instance.

    Basically, let her know that you're interested in her, not just her looks. Too strong would involve asking too many questions as though you're interviewing her for a job. Girls hate that. Try to be casual and ask related questions, transitioning smoothly in the convo. Don't rush.


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  • well, start off with like the how are you and such. what you can then do is bring up a question that is simular to her previous answers and you can then lead into knew topics.

    example: you ask her how her classes were. then you can ask if she's good at a certain subject. then you can go on saying wow you must be smart or ask her if you could help her at all. then you can move on to other classes and what she thinks of them, and then she would ask you simular questions.

    the conversation will then go into other things. just make sure you sounde truly interested and you want to know more about her. just keep her talking, girls love to talk, but if she asks about you, don't just give a simple answer, try to show her that you have more substance and are also interested in talking. and laugh about things every once and a while! so then both of you guys can relax a bit.

    good luck :)

  • Music, movies, books. Favorite foods, places you've each visited, what she is studying.

    If she can't make small talk and is boring, consider that her looks will wear off on you fairly quickly. Do you want to date someone who you find boring to talk to?

    • Well stated. I mean if I go for someone I would hope there is more to her than her looks cause you are exactly right looks do fade.

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  • talk about how awesome you are and how you're gonna be the most awesomnest after banging her on the first date.

  • Just talk about pop culture like TV shows, celebrities, movies, music, etc. Not the most thought provoking topic, but an easy one to get into.

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