On the fence about this girl.

I'll just give some quick details about the situation to make a long story short.

-Met this girl through a friend while she had a boyfriend.

-Hung out a bit, then turned into hanging out a lot.

-Got drunk at my house one time with her and she slept over and asked for some of my clothes to wear and slept in my bed.

-She started having problems with her boyfriend since he was cheating on her and lied about not having kids.

-She began to trust me a lot and we shared everything, even when she had a STI scare.

-After that she broke up with her boyfriend and we had a party the same weekend at my house and we made out and had sex.

-Then, she was getting ready to go to college in another state and a few days before she left I asked her if she'd ever consider me as a boyfriend and she said "Not right now, I need to worry about my self" which is understandable.

-But the night before she left she called me furious saying that I told this kid certain things that happened between us etc. So she disfriended me and left for college the next day which I was suppose to go to the airport with her.

-After she got to the college she figured out the kid actually was lying and apologized to me.

-Now that she's at this college I stopped frequently contacting her, texting her about twice weekly.

-And within the past month I'd sometimes not text her for 2-3days or longer then she'd be the first to message me.

-Things like "Hey, how are you" and all that stuff. Also we say good night to each other.

-When she was here and now that she's in another state I've been the nice guy and have supported her financially not in all aspects of life but like here and there.

-Recently I sent her "X" $ to go to the doctor for her eyes because she got an infection from falling asleep in her contacts.

-She texted me all this and texted me thanks and stuff. Then the same day like 30min later she called me and said "Hey, uhh I just felt like calling you say thank you, I'm not used to having someone trust me and care for me like that, etc"

---Now my question is what do I do? She's been out of state for about 2 months already. And the first priority for me is that she focuses on school but I'm just on the fence what to do with this girl.


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  • First you seem a nice guy and it is cool you are helping her. I would advise you to be careful that you don't get hurt if she does not reciprocate. I think that biggest question you need to ask yourself is... do you want an LDR for the next 4 or 5 years?

    If you do, then you need to decide if you want to play it cool or ask her where the two of you stand and see what happens. If you do not, then just stay friends and determine how much time/treasure you wish to give to her.

    Best wishes!

    • Nice thing is that she'll only be away for college for a little over a year. And then like you said its either play it cool or ask. And playing it cool is fine its just the little voice in my head wanting to hear it from her.