Who pays during the date?

So he asked me out and I said yes..I'm just wondering who should pay for expenses during the date? I plan on offering to split the bill but what if he says it's okay and that he'll pay everything..should I still insist? Or do guys like to 'take charge'? I don't feel comfortable with him paying every thing, not that I don't want him to. It's just that I don't want him to think I'm just using him or something . How does this really go? Any help?


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  • If it's just the "dating" phase, then take turns. You pay for one dinner and he pays for another. if he and you are an item ( boyfriend and girlfriend status) I think it's fair that the guy should pay for dinner or if you feel bad then spit.

    i think there isn't really a " correct" way. it really all depends on who you are and what you are looking for in a guy.

    I have a friend who thinks that the guy should pay for all her expenses. Because after all HE is dating HER.

    I have another friend and they split the bill.

    Personally if a guy asks you out on a date he should be the gentlemen and offer to take the tab.


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  • Always offer to pay your part. If he offers to pay then thank him. But you could invite him out too in return. Simple as that.


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  • Take turns.