Why all of a sudden won't he talk to me?

A few nights ago I got really upset and my best friend spent the night texting me, while he was on a date with his girlfriend. He told me she was getting annoyed but kept messaging anyway.

we ended up talking about when we were in school and why we never went further than flirting, but still felt strongly about each other. He made a comment about being torn between us and shortly after he stopped texting me, the next morning I woke to find an apology from him for falling asleep.

He hasn't talked to me since, which is strange usually we text almost every night. he knows how I feel about him and he in the past made no secret of the fact he loved me. I want to know what's going on in his head.


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  • Maybe he felt torn between you and his girlfriend and needed space?

    Maybe he told his girlfriend your feelings for him and his girlfriend got upset and decided to not not communicate with you?

    The best thing to do is to ask him.