I met this guy he asked me out and we went out.

He was really sweet in the beginning but now for example yesterday he texted me asking how I was and then that he wanted to come see me. I said let me know so I can take a shower he said you can take a shower at my house o so your planning to take me home with you this is like 11 pm I was having a siesta and I never got any messages from him so I fall asleep . I call him the next day to see what happened he said he sent me messages I never got them, I let him know after we hang up I just received them. anyways he says he says goodnight gorgeous I will talk with me later . I sent him a message today all in Spanish he doesn't speak fluent Spanish so he more than likely didn't understand what I said well he hasn't answered back all day and I am about to go to sleep. I am going to wait till he texts me back I don't know when. Why do you think he didn't text me today. How long do you think he will take to text me back. It is weird that he doesn't text back because he usually gets back to me as soon as he can. He asked me yesterday if I want to come over asked when I had class said I had class before noon. I said I needed to get my doctors note he said oh yeah and I got errands in the am. I said you miss me he said yeah we will make it happen some other day. What do you think?

we are doing well we have been communicating and we are now a couple. all is well !


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  • i can't understand a single sentence you're saying...

  • omg just stop


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