How am I supposed to interpret this text from a guy friend?

here it goes - you mean a lot to me..since we talk so much, I want to everything to be true..i want to leave no stones unturned.. I'm scared of losing you!

well he texted me that..i have known him since like 3 months and we became very close...but was this message in a friendly sense? I mean I'm confused :/


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  • it could be in a friendly sense, but that's more of a thing you would send like a person you are dating and really close to.

    • yeahh that's why it felt weird..i mean he is shy with me in school and his best friend keeps asking me if I like him and stuff..does that mean anything?

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    • hahahaha! I was asking you for your opinion that is reasonable to expect froma guy that he doesn't like other girls, talks and spends time with me but I don't talk all sentimentally and emotionally to him and don't wanna have a relationship tag to be there on us? or do guys want all that stuff?

    • Hmm. Lets see. It sounds kinda hypocritical. It kinda sounds like you want him to be really invested into a thing here, and not yourself =P. Haha. I'm probably wrong. Anyway, some guys like having the tag- its kinda like, yeah, she's my girlfriend, I can go to her for anything, other guys are comfy not having the tag. Totally depends. The shyer/less confident guys on the inside will want the tag. Did that answer anything?

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  • Reads like a CRISIS text. Has there been a crisis? If not, he's got a serious emotional investment in your friendship. Assess your own feelings: I'm hot for him, I'm not hot for him, etc. If you're not hot for him and willing to invest a lot of time in the friendship, respond in kind (friendly). If you are hot for him, respond with something that gently nudges him out of the friend zone, like, "I'm hot for you."

  • It could be just friendly, though it seems generally women are more likely to send those types of messages platonically. Are you interested in him? You could always respond back that you feel the same way.

    Honestly if I had to guess one way or the other, I'd say that's showing interest. He obviously cares a lot.

    • yeah I have many other guy friends but they don't talk like this! plus I'm very confused if I like him...but I may have responded in a manner not reciprocating and I am feeling bad now.. :/

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    • Letting it go hopefully won't hurt him, as long as you don't suddenly back off. Actions speak a lot louder than words - if you stay close and act normal, he should know you weren't really turned away by it.

      Also, if he's interested, people usually don't move on that quickly, unless he winds up meeting someone else and there's mutual interest.

    • hmm okay! thanks a lot for your insight! :)) I deeply appreciate it :D

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