Post-First Date Communication

OK, so here goes...this woman that I had met once before got in touch with me through Facebook and said that she wanted to hang out sometime. I was attracted to her when I met her, so naturally I agreed. We had a great dinner and drinks date on Saturday night, and at the end of the night, there was a mutual good-night kiss.

I texted her the following night (Sunday) to say that I enjoyed being with her the previous night, and she responded likewise with me. My question is do I wait for her to text me next, or do I bite the bullet and send a message? I understand and appreciate the importance of not being too available in the early stages and taking things slow, but I was just curious what other people might have to say.

Called her tonight and set up Date #2.


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  • Nah. What you do is grow a pair of balls and call her. Problem solved.

    Honestly, you're in your mid-twenties. You shouldn't even be thinking about texting her at this stage of the game. I'm maybe 10 years younger than you and know more about what you should be doing. You should not have texted her the night after the date to get affirmation that the date went well. You were supposed to wait and call her 2-7 days after the date, talk for a few minutes, and ask her to go out again. After you are exclusive is when you can feel free to text her (occasionally).

    • I would have taken the time to read this, but I was too busy calling the woman and setting up Date #2. Thanks anyway.

    • Glad you were able to figure it out on your own before I posted :) good thing you didn't listen to most of these other people saying to text her!

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  • Bite the bullet. It's a free country, and women are entitled to text first or call first or ask first. BUT, biology. Biology, biology, biology. You man, she woman. Pursue her.

  • sent her an other mssg cause I'm pretty sure she is waiting for you to do it .


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  • You texted her on Sunday, the day after ... rookie mistake, but no harm done.

    Wait until Wednesday, and then text her to see if you can take her out again at the weekend. You're giving her enough notice, and enough space.

    • Decided to go for it and call her instead, but thanks for the advice though.

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