Bf hasn't talked to me after knowing I'm upset

He is a sensitive guy. Basically he blew me off this whole weekened. First it was work I said that was OK don't worry about it. We planned a few days in advanced to see each other on Monday. He texts me Sunday saying he couldn't cause his mom had a dinner he forgot about. I said OK. He asked it I was mad. I just said it was fine. Have a good dinner. and he sent a :( face and I didn't answer. It been a day and a half and he hasn't texted me

I am pissed. I just want to see him care cause he made promises he couldn't keep. I don;t know if I should say hi - I don't want to. I'm just more pissed since he hasn't made an effort to talk to me. Will he contact me.. cause I just think he not going to or something.


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  • He won't because he doesn't know you're upset.

    Think it through. How would he know you're upset?

    Do you think he's psychic?

    • so everything is fine in his eyes? he usuallly texts me everyday though.

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