What to wear to a speed dating event?

This will be my first time attending a speed dating event. What should I wear?

It'll be held on a weekday, around 7 pm, so I should have time to go home and change. It'll be held at a bar & grill type restaurant. Looks like a casual place.

Should I just go in my work clothes (business casual), or change into something nicer. Given the time, you think others will be in work clothes? Ideas?

Guys, what would you like to see girls wearing to an event like this?

Girls, what would you wear?


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  • A busness suit (the skirt ones). Women in business suits turn me on. Leave your hair long and hanging, smell really good, and shave everything off just in case. This should be real fine.

  • Just dress in good clean clothes not over done. Wear good shoes. Matching socks. That kind of thing. No don't go in a business lady suit.


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