Guy blowing me off or busy with work?

so guy and I used to have a little fling..faded off a bit since I started school but we still talk. he is not in school he has a high profile career and is really busy. a lot of times he works nights and weekends as well as days.

he still texts me at least weekly often more and lately we have spoken several days a week. on Sunday he texted me and in the convo I said I don't have school Monday and at the end of our convo he said "let me know if you are around"

i actually was busy on my day off so yesterday I texted him I'm doing schoolwork on my day off and since then we haven't spoken.

we don't talk every single day, we aren't together, and he actually is a genuinely busy guy.

i shouldn't feel sad that he didn't text me in response to me saying I'm busy then, right? I mean he was the one to tell me to let him know if I'm around.


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  • If he is a busy guy, he understands time. Maybe he was trying to give you space and time to do your work. Had you said "I am free" he might have engaged.

    • I am bummed because I want to hear from him..I miss him.

    • I am sorry about that... I hope he texts you soon!

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