What makes a guy a loser? because the label "loser" is thrown around too much at guys who are unattractive to

girls, like people will always imply, "they(girls) have too many losers trying to get in their pants, they want a 'Man', which is rare, very rare"

Okay, so what specifically makes a guy loser? because girls tend to label that to the overwhelming vast majority of guys that approach, hit on them, ask them out, message them on Online Dating sites, Social Networking sites, etc., so why are the vast majority of those guys losers and what makes them losers specifically? what negative traits do those guys have that make them losers?

why do I have very few answers?


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  • Liars and players are losers. Guys who hide big chunks of reality from themselves and others are losers. Guys who are too selfish to see that they are hurting family and friends are losers. Guys who are lazy and show absolutely no initiative to meet their potential are losers. Guys who pick on defenseless people are losers.

    Guys who face reality (and are honest with themselves as well as others) are real men, good men, and people worth knowing. Guys who are compassionate and help others -- not to impress, but just for the sake of doing the right thing -- are winners.


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  • I don't label the vast majority of guys as losers.

    Just the actual losers.

  • Self-centered assholes who are too blind to see that it's their fault they're miserable.

  • Someone who is extremely negative and does absolutely nothing to try to improve his situation


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  • i hate how we guys are held to such high standards

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