Whats a good first date idea

im 19 and she is 17 so nothing too fancy like taking her out to dinner. what's something interesting and cute we can do that is inexpensive?


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  • Dinner is always a good idea! But I would even say going on a walk can be very good (and romantic) for talking and getting to know people better, but obviously only if you like this kind of stuff and are ready to speak a lot.

    Another good idea is if for example you know she is into art or something to take her to an art gallery. She will enjoy it, you will have again a lot of time to speak, it is always rather cheap if it is nothing too fancy and if you don't know what to speak about just ask her opinion on a painting or something.

    There are always the obvious one like the cinema, just watching a movie at your/her house or just even going to a café or something it always depends on how fancy you want this date to be though..

    Hope this helped and good luck!



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  • Bear in mind you guys are only in your teens how about bowling/swimming/paintballing with a meal not necessarily in a restaurant but don't go fast food like McD's or anything like that (something in the middle) i.e. stylish but affordable!

    But let's face it...it's not just a matter of how she eats it's how the date goes overall...at the day, it comes from you, you'll just know if a girl has enjoyed herself and whether she derserves being treated right like princess or not!

    Communication is one of the most important things in a relationship so...Talk to her or if you want keep it a surprise,her friends, find out what she would like to do or go (discreetly) and go from there...if you got nothing, then it'll be practise for the future...women expect you to know what they like and want without telling ya so best learn now while you're young! Hope this helps :D


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  • Cinema, then you can do the old stretch and hug trick, and you get to spend a long amount of time with her without having to worry about thinking of things to talk about (cause you'll be focussing on the movie).