If I need to organize speed dating?

K if I need to organize speed dating as a sort of event of the student club probably in co-op with another student club (those are groups like fraternity's or so but with girls as well).

What should I definitely do and what should I avoid doing at all cost?

Any info concerning this could help me if the presidium (leaders of the group of witch I am one) want me to do organize this.

So fun stories or whatever is also appreciated and as always BA will be given.


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  • your organizing a speed dating event ? or just looking into the possibility of doing one . I guess it could be fun event for that age of students .

    as long is there is a good mix of different people , don't want everyone to be the same , it need some variety . mean not all nerds or all blond girls . it need a variety of singles to keep it interesting

    • nah itll be decided wether we wanna do one or not and then ill have to :p

      an d good tip thnx

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