I don't know how to behave around him now. I acted silly for my age.

So I had a few to drink at a party I went to and a few of my guy friends knew about a guy that I like, so they sent him a message off my phone which he ignored.

They also sent a text off my mates phone, his name is Jeff. So Jeff sent a sexy text to John (the guy that I like), and asking if he wanted to get a coffee. John said yes to coffee...they exchanged a few texts here and there...Jeff asked John if he had a girlfriend and John replied to this person he doesn't know (Jeff)... "I don't have a gf"...

so John knows it's a joke via the next point I make...

Jeff also left a voice mail on Johns phone...clearly indicating that it's a guy, and in the background of that voice mail I was having a giggle and talking (as far as I remember).

i am really embarrassed now and I don't know how to act in front of him. What do you think John will think of me? Also have you ever done this before?

I feel really immature, as I am in my early 20s and have never done this before


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  • hmm... I don't find the situation complicated . in fact I think you're making it hard for yourself. you were joking and it's all OK and everything is good. just forget about it and behave as before . if he ( John ) mentioned it then just laugh about it and make it seems as a joke. about john being gay ... well if john knew jeff was a guy texting him then probably john knew it's a joke. I wouldn't consider john being gay .

    • Thanks so much! You always know how to answer my questions. I am definitely feeling much better about it today :) Thanks again!

    • welcome :) and thanks for the best answer :D

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  • John gets a text from you, and ignores it.

    Gets a text from Jeff asking him for coffee and if he has a gf... And John accepts.

    John is gay.

    • Hahahah! No! That would be hilarious though. John has had a few gf's and an f-buddy that is a girl. I know that doesn't say anything about a person, because many people marry even if they are gay. I think he knew it was a joke?

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  • Don't be shy gal. Chat to him, see what he's all about LOL.

    • Haha I am shy...What do you mean? Chat to him via that guy friend? or in person?

    • Talk to John. Find out if he's gay or not. The sooner the better. In person. LOL you're no teenager no more.

    • hahah I know he isn't gay! He was just going along with the joke I think...I will talk to him if he brings it up I guess

  • Well, I won't lie. It is a rather odd situation.

    How well do you know John? Is this something you can laugh away easily? If not, is your affection for him so significant that you can't walk away?

    If you're only feeling attraction, not affection, then walk away. If he's a good guy, he'll register that it was a joke and that you're not some wild girl.

    If you feel affection for this guy, remain reserved, but check in to see what he's thinking. If he's a good guy, his opinion isn't based on one joke.

    Meanwhile, be a little more careful who is doing what in your name.

    • Well I have known this guy for a year now and he tried to kiss me once but let's just say it didn't happen because of other reasons. I know he liked me, in some sense, but I don't know, I know I stuffed it up a lot too. He knows I am a good girl, and I am very respectable towards him. I know that I could slide it off as a joke, but would he be offended with something like this? I feel awful now...

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    • Okay, thanks. I will do that. Thanks for your support. One question, do I appear desperate now?

    • Only if you chase after him. If you just smile and shake it off, there's no sense of desperation/neediness.