How many days shall pass, before I shall text him?

okay, so I texted this guy, on Friday, Saturday, and again today - Wednesday.

I don't know him that well, but I've hung out with him, and some mutual friends.

I has always been me, who started. Was it too soon to text him again today? Will he think I'm annoying?


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  • In general.. Who gives a sh*t, if you have to walk on eggshells about dumb things like this he isn't worth it.

    At times he may be busy, he may not like texting in general.. So I guess you should be careful not to text constanty, why not ask him to hangout if you're interested? It will be a lot easier than texting and wondering.

    • I am worried, if I will get annoying, because I really like him, and that's why I am afraid to ask him to hang out.

      He was busy when I texted him ... but the he started to text me, when he had time :D

    • Yeah I used to worry a lot about that.. That sound good XD ask him to the movies or something :p

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