Is she messing with my head?

ok so I took this girl out last week and after I took her out we were texting for the next 3 days, but 5 days later she tells me it's been ages and she tells me I never text her anymore, is she messing with my head or something else ?

she knows I like her


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  • she's not messing with you. either 1) You two stopped talking for a few days, and she assumes you have no interest in her. or 2) She isn't really interested in you, but will text you every so often to make sure you're still into her because she likes the attention you're giving her.

    Remember...her liking you is different from liking the attention from you. good luck

    • 2 sounds like a egotistical maniac, but she knows I'm interested in her

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    • To be honest, it sounds like she isn't interested in you as anything other than a friend. She likes you as a friend and doesn't want to lose you as a friend so she likes to text and hang out with you. However, she probably doesn't talk to you every day because she doesn't want to come off as flirty, and doesn't want you to get the idea that she is romantically interested in you. However, I could very well be wrong, but don't throw out that possibility.

    • @shgurl22, the only reason I'm to limit myself in these things is uz I don't wanna get hurt, its hard to be friends with someone you love, its hard for me trying move away, it especially hard when she's going through a depression

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  • Sounds obsessive to me. Or she just likes texting to you. Try calling her if are really interested in her.

    It doesn't sound like a mind game at all.

  • Did you go five days without texting? She might have thought you lost interest.


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