Too shy to text me back?

For the sake of clarity, the original mutual friend is G, and the new guy is D.

I met another guy a couple weeks ago who I hit it off with but it didn't work out. But he decided that he thinks his other friend and I would be a great match. So G gave me the guy's number and said he gave D mine and that he seemed really interested in getting to know me. I texted him briefly this morning to say hello, but I've heard nothing back. G says that D's really shy, and might not respond though. But he seems so awesome, and I really would like to get to know him better even if just as a friend because we have a lot in common. G says that D got my text, but again, is really shy. I texted him a second time about twleve hours later asking about a mutual interest I know we both are passionate about hoping to prompt him into talking. That was about two hours ago and still nothing. I don't want to text him again like tomorrow or whatever asking if he got my texts as a friend suggested, since I know G talked to D and I don't know if he mentioned that I'd asked G if I had the correct number and was worried that I was texting some random person instead of D.

He lives kind of far away, so a meet up between us with mutual friends is the kind of thing that has to be planned in advance because it would be a full day endeavor.

On top of all this, I've never been in a serious relationship, so I have zero idea how to handle this.

Help. Someone just please help. Life got complicated and I don't like it.


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  • I think your doing good so far. It just sucks that he is not texting you back. Maybe if you can plan something and meet with him in person is the best way to go with this. If he is as shy as your friend says he is then the odds are he is not going to text you. That is the thing I don't get because texting is much easier and less stressful then talking face to face. Maybe he is not a texter. If you meet him in person then he might be to shy to talk and you might have to lead the conversation like your doing now with the texting. It sucks if he does have all of this cool stuff in common with you then he needs to show you more interest.Text him again if you want.I don't think he is going to text you back.


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