What to do with this online guy?

I met this guy online in person and first time meeting up with him was fun at the Racing Kart. That week, I told him if he not doing nothing, he can meet up with me at the club. I will be there celebrating a friend birthday. We met up at the club at last hour hung out with him, he bought me a drink, and was hugging lock-lip. He ask me if I want to leave with him and I say yes but later change my mind and I didn't go.

Next day he text me and apologize to me what he did and might be embarrassing me to my friends.

Next day, we became friend on Facebook. He text me and I tried to barely text him back or even text him at all..

Im interested in this guy but gosh his ex-gf just broke up heartless with him 3yrs relationship. I don't know if he interest in me too. After we added each other on Facebook, he text me and pleased me to call him when I have time.


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  • When did his girlfriend broke up with him? If it's recent, try not to fall for him. He needs time to get over his ex first. But if you're into him, why don't you wanna text him? It's not always the guys who have to do all the texting.

    • It been two months now that his girlfriend cheated & broke up with him.

      Thanks I trying not to fall for him so soon lol. Yes your right I agree with you its not always the guy who do all the textin. I just feel that he playing me, after the club etc he call me sweetie, "like really". The first date & the club I feel like we did have a good connection relationship. Well second date suppose to happen soon so will see how that goes.

    • It could be that he needs to be together with someone, like a rebound? But rebounds can grow into serious relationships. Just get to know him and you'll know if he's playing you or not.