Should I leave it up to her after so long?

It's been a while for me and looking to get back into dating and met this cute girl through work. Last week, we were talking and collecting information for a diabetics menu. She's a dietitian and I run a local restaurant. We flirted back and forth throughout this meeting or appointment. I sent her a text later that night saying, "I had a great time at our appt, we should do it again some time. ;-)" She thought it was clever and will keep it in mind was her reply. Good news.

Yesterday, she returned with those menus, I was in the back, a female coworker came to get me and told me my "date" was here. The dietitian heard this and I was told her face turned red. Even better, right? The more I think about it, would she be embarrassed that this was said or am I just looking to much into this like I normally do? Ha ha!

I've left it up to her by giving her my business card with my cell number on it and some days I'm available for another "appt" before she left. I'd like this to go somewhere because I've had horrible luck but don't want to rush her either. Should I just leave it up to her and that's it or should I call her sometime after time has passed? I've never left it up to the female before so I'd like to know how to handle this.


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  • Aw so cute! Janitor again, hello.

    It does sound good. But you don't know the full situation so no assumptions.

    You should wait for her to call you. A week or two. If there's nothing, you should contact her. She does have to make the appointment after all. It's her job. When she's free, she should get to you. But it does concern you, so after that amount of time, it would be a good idea.

    • No I don't know the situation. I didn't plan on doing much. I'll let her take control and if and when she has free time she can contact me. Like you said, in a week or two ill contact her. If I have to that is. But this time I'll be more direct and to the point with something clever wrapped around it. Ha ha!

    • Sounds good. :)

  • i think you should tell her str8 up how you feel, women like that! don't wait too long buddy :)

    • I don't plan on waiting too long but I also don't want to push it. We just met last week and it appears her schedule may be busy. I'll probably do something about it myself next week.

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