Girl I'm seeing won't kiss me...anymore...

She's been really into me from the start and still is, we've been seeing each for over a month now.

She stopped kissing me the second week in and we've been seeing each other for a month now. I've tried to get her to at least tell me why?but she won't tell me...she says she likes me and that I shouldn't worry it's nothing bad. Although she won't tell me what's wrong. it's something she isn't sure how to explain properly and it's weird to talk about..

bottom line is it's driving me crazy...our relationship is on hold in a way now and I'm not sure what to do.


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  • Well, either she doesn't like kissing, or you are a bad kisser or she is playing some kind of game that only she understands. The important thing to do is to make her understand that if you can't talk about something innocent like kissing, how is the relationship going to work out?


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  • Tell her that withholding affection will break the relationship. And that unless she is willing to communicate you have serious doubts this can be resolved.

  • If you can't even kiss her, and she won't tell you why, it's time to dump her.

    But if you're curious - she's not sure how to tell you that you're a really really bad kisser.

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