He seems distant, what do I do?

So the guys that I'm seeing seems to be getting distant.. I'm leaving for a week tonight on holidays. What do I do? Do I text him when I'm gone or wait for him to text me.

It always seems that when you pull away from a guy, they try harder. Is this what I should do?

HELP, need all the advice I can get.


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  • Guys seem to need space a lot more than us women do. If you push too much then he will prob pull back even more. I would go on your holiday and enjoy yourself. I wouldn't contact him. Let him miss you a little. When you get back shoot him a text sayin you'd like to catch up. You're spot on about guys tryin harder when you pull away, but he has to be pretty into you to start with otherwise he may just move on to someone else. If so good riddance cause wouldn't you rather have someone that's really into you then someone that's half assin it? Good luck

  • Yes, with this one, depending on how long you two have been together, distance yourself. Only text him in response to his texts. If you are in a place in your relationship where you can ask him if everything is OK because he seems different, then do it. You might get a clue then. Its hard tho, I have been there, trust me! Went through that a couple months ago and hadn't a clue how to handle it and it's very difficult when you love the guy. But find out where he is first, then that will tell you what to do. If he says he needs space, then give it to him, and do not call, do no text, nothing. It will be the hardest thing you've ever done mentally and emotionally, trust me, but you must do it. Give him that space he needs and then some. Let him call you or text you if he wants to. Then when he does, don't be so quick to respond to hm and don't change yur schedule for him especially if he tries to see you last minute. Be firm and let him know indirectly that you are in high demand and a gold mine (not to the extreme tho!) So talk to him before you leave, and that will tell you what to do while away. Good lucik!

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