What are your experiences of dating a player?

If you have ever dated a player (whether you knew they were a player or not) what have your experiences been like?

There is this girl who I used to work with who is a player. She never cared about dating, she just used to move from one guy to the next and she never cared about any of them. She never had a nice side to her at all, she was always quite a mean girl. We have been out together with some mutual friends a lot lately and the other night she started to act sweet and sensitive and said how she misses me and how she wants more than just friendship. I've never seen her act this way. She was never the emotional type. Even with the guys she played she was straightforward and told them what she wanted.

She's a good looking girl and stuff and towards me she has always been nice, but I never dated her because I saw what she was like. I don't know whether she is being genuine. Should I take a risk and go on a date with her and see where it leads?


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