Why did she end the date

So I just hung out with this girl today. I got her number last week and we went out to coffee. I thought we were just going to hang out as friends, but I think she thought it was a date because she let me pay and she was dressed really nicely.

Anyway, we met at 6. Had some good conversation. We're really similar and I think it went well in general. But then randomly at 7, she said she has to be somewhere at 7:30. So we left the coffee place at like 7:15. I didn't try to kiss her or even hug her just because I was a little put off by her taking off so soon.

What is more likely: she really does have plans, or she was cutting off the date because it wasn't going as well as I thought?

She was contributing a lot to the conversations. Asking me questions. Carrying out my jokes. Adding her own jokes. Etc. But this is just confusing me.

The title was supposed to me "Why did she end the date so soon?"

Like I said I think she thought it was a date... she would have taken out her purse to attempt to pay if she thought it wasn't a date.


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  • if it was a coffee date she knew it wouldn't be an all night thing, she may have been dressed up for the plans she made after she had coffee with you. which is a good sign she would try to see you and do something else. she could have easily said she had other plans but didn't. she probably thought she would see you for a while then go on to her other engagement. so take it as it is. she has no reason to lie to you, if she did its so she doesn't hurt your feelings (like she maybe going on another date but didn't want to tell you) you two aren't in a relationship she doesn't have to tell you anything. maybe ask her out again and say something like," if you don't have any other plans(on whatever day) id like to take you out on a date. pick something that will imply a longer date like movies, bowling, dinner, etc...

    • Nah, I don't need an explanation of what she's doing... if she has something going on, then great! But I'm wondering if her "doing something" was just an excuse to leave early.

    • i don't think that's why she did it. there's so many possibilities you should just forget it and see what she does next time if there is a next time. only then will you know lol

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  • Maybe she realized it wasn't a date and said forget this. Although she could have had plans, just ask her.

    • Well maybe she thought you were trying to date her? I am confused, do you like her like that or just like as a friend?

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    • Sure that works. But you do at some point need to maybe hint at bringing the topic up, that way neither of you waste time with wondering if this is just friends or what not. I have hung out with guy friends after 7PM after him buying dinner before so you might want to try and get some clarification.

    • Ok cool, thanks!

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  • m8 make up your mind first you say you asked her out for cofee but not on a date then complain about not kissing her. Honestly she either had plans but very unlikely if she told you last minute but the more harsh alternative is you didn't plan for it to be a date she dressed up for one, and a) saw/thought you werent interested or b) you came onto her too hard when you realized she was dressed for a date