Did he lose interest? Or did I scare him off?

I started seeing a guy towards the end of the summer; we went on some dates and hung out in similar friendship circles. It all went really well, we kissed but nothing more happened...we ended up in the same bed drunk one night but I backed away cause I didn't want it to be some drunken thing.

Anyway, after maybe a month he was going back to uni and I was going on holiday. He'd said things like I want you to come up and visit and we'd both said we'll miss each other.

The first 2 weeks we were texting a lot and if I didn't reply he'd ask why I'm so quiet. I was thinking about him a lot and missed him and I told him this via text. He'd say he missed me too.

Then our interactions became less frequent. He said we should Skype soon nearly 2 weeks ago but hasn't followed that up yet.

Now I've decided just to let him contact me. And after 3 days he did text saying hows it going.

I'm just confused whether the initial intense contact/texting freaked him out or he's just lost interest.

I did say to him before he left, look you are at uni I know what it's like. But he said he was just interested in me.

Any help would be much appreciated!


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  • It's not you, it's the lack of contact. Long distance relationships don't have the personal contact (physical, social, emotional) to nurture and grow a budding relationship.

    In any case it doesn't sound like you're doing anything wrong, it just sounds like the physical space between you isn't going to help develop this situation. You both have lives apart.

    So go live your life and quit holding on to some past guy who showed a little interest... life is way to short to be living in the past mulling over "what could have been's."

    Go meet some guys! And, if this dude moves back, then hang out again and see if anything develops.

    There's nothing worse for a person's self esteem than trying to make someone else like them, so don't chase after this guy.

    ~ Robby

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