What's your first date story?

Was it awkward? Embarrassing? Where did you go and how was it? :) Also, how did you keep the conversation from turning to an awkward silence? Feel free to be detailed. :)


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  • My first date was great. Being the big spender that I am, I took her to the classiest restaurant I knew of at that time KFC and got her the 3 piece meal not the 2 piece meal.

    We talked and talked perhaps spending like 4 hours there having like 8 glasses of ice cream soda's yeah I got her high on sugar and cream, she was quite giddy after that haha.

    We then walked home and it was getting chilly so I gave her my jacket and we walked to the corner of her street, she gave me a kiss on the cheek and said she'd call me and she walked further to her house. Her parents didn't know she went out with a boy hahaha.


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  • Do you mean any first date, or my very first date of all time?

  • It was so awkard ! I mean the dinner and stuff was fine . But just when I was dropping her back home ,we made out . Then after I reached home , I asked her how she felt about the whole making out thing . I made a fool out of myself !


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