You think that I have a shot at taking her out?

There is this girl that I'm really interested in. I recently got her number. We only text two times (I'm busy with my job and she is busy with her school work). I called her on Wednesday but she didn't answer. Try again on Thursday she didn't pick up. So I text her during my lunch break. Later on that evening, she text back saying, "I have homework I have to finish. What's up?" So I texted for back I want to hang out with her but I didn't get a reply. When we're around each other we will flirt heavily. She would call me husband.

I just want to know if I have a shot taking her out. I really to go out on a date with her.


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  • If you blew it. You seem to needy...lonely..etc. You called on back to back days? What you should have done was call on Wed...and if possible left a message for her to call you. Then wait 5-9 days...if she doesn't answer...then delete her number. "Hanging out" is what middleschoolers do. You should be wanting to take her out on a date...not hang out. You no longer have a shot at taking her out.