Playing Hard To Get, Or Just Not That Into Me?

A girl that I first met several years ago recently (and rather randomly) reached out to me to ask about getting together...We had a great date last Saturday night, ending with a mutual good-night kiss, and told each other the following day that we enjoyed the others' company.

I attempted to get in touch with her on Wednesday, wanting to see what her plans were for this weekend, in the interest of setting up date #2. But since then, no response from texts, calls, anything. It's just strange to me how the date seemed to go so well and she was so enthusiastic about it, and since then, there's just been complete silence from her.

Is she playing hard-to-get, or just not that into me?

P.S. She was previously engaged for about a year and half, which ended in the early-mid summer of maybe that's playing a role here?


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  • Maybe she's not over her ex and so she can't really see this going anywhere. She reached out to you and she said she enjoyed the date, it can't be anything that you were the cause of.

    She's not playing hard to get, it would have been weird if she really wanted another date and held herself back because she wanted you to run after her. (remember: she wanted that first date and wasn't afraid to contact you)

    • I suppose that is true. Thank you for your insight.

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