Why do guys do this to me?

I am not high on myself but I am a good catch, looks, brains, body, ambition anyway I have only dated five guys before and they all did the same thing. I have always been good, sweet nurturing and be like a best friend to these guys .They all cheated on me with girls who are ghetto and probably cause these girls may or may not be better in bed, but all the girls have been loud and vulgar .

This is what always happens. They go out seeking other women. After I leave, they run around dating lots of women. Then after a month or two they come pestering me, saying they are sorry. I did not deserve that. begging for a chance, they will never find anyone like me.

I normally disregard but then I noticed this pattern. Is there something wrong with me? In my eyes I am a wonderful person, I am pretty, educated, good in bed. I may come off as boring cause I do not to clubs and parties. I may also seem less of a catch because I am beautiful but I am humble. I am not giving my current boyfriend hell because I expect him to cheat. I literally have to control myself, cause he is the best I ever had

I am in a relationship now and it has been great. I get paranoid and cyber stalk him sometimes cause I use other guys to judge him. I am controlling these urges though and he seem like a good guy so far, and yes he is different from the others I have dated


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  • Are these guys really physically attractive? Do they have a certain vibe about them?

    It sounds like you are going after guys that a lot of other girls find attractive/hot/interesting. A guy with too many options is a bad thing. It sounds like you have a thing for bad boys. Care to comment?

    • They are OK looking not good looking. This was my past exes though. I think it is because I was innocent and naive, I did not know the game or what to look for so I was taken advantage of

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    • I never go through phones though. I control most of my urges but sometimes he gets blame wrongfully. like when I called him and he was in the shower and I started assuming he had someone over and that's why he wasn't answering. He tells me everything about what he is doing so I will not be in doubt yet I always try to dig up crazy stuff and when I don't find anything I think it is hidden instead of it not existing

    • Yea, take it easy on those accusations. Nothing drives me further away from a girl than when she starts blaming me for stuff I didn't do when she has zero proof besides her overactive mind. Seriously, it sounds like you need to stay busy with other things more often, that way you don't obsess about what your man is or isn't doing.

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  • My question is why you are dating guys that are cheating on you. These guys sound like the bad boys, cheating and going after vulgar girls. I trust that you are a good catch, but were they as good a catch as you? Was it totally out of character for them to cheat? If it wasn't, you might want to look at the guys you're going after.

    PS Careful with the cyber stalking, it shows a lack of trust and it will hurt him if he finds out.

  • perhaps you lack 'kink'?

    • well you are right. I have to admit back then the "kink" was all in my head but was afraid to show it cause I felt dirty lol... maaaan, I have changed lol

    • sexual compatibility is kind of a big deal for guys. if you weren't but are now, sucks to be them!

    • it's not like I wasn't good. I was pretty good... just not awesome like how I am now (heheheh)

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  • Your dating the wrong guys, your going after the wrong type of guys. Maybe be flexible and date guys you wouldn't normally date? There's nothing wrong with you tho its those guys that cheat who have the problem.

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