Didn't even respond to first text...

Me and this cute co-worker of mine(I'm 19, she's 18, we work at a grocery store) exchanged numbers and today I texted her but no reply. I highly recommend skimming my previous question to see how our interaction went real quick link

Anyway onto to the texting part: I waited 2 days before texting her and just texted her saying "Hey its __ from work, what's up? Just texting you to let you get my number" and she never responded. Any ideas?

FYI I wanted to get comfortable chatting with her via text(since I don't get that many opportunities at work) before eventually asking her out face-to-face, so that's why I texted and didn't call at all

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Forgot to mention I texted her today at like one pm... and its now 7:30pm EST lol


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  • First of all, you texted her after 2 days, doesn't sound that you're really keen in getting to know her. Second, you said "just texting to let you get my number" so she understood that's the reason why you texted her and she didn't feel like there is a need to reply to that, and "whats up" automatically disappears as a question.It just wasn't an ideal conversation starter I guess.. That' my point of view anyway.

    Hope that helped to answer your question:)

    • I didn't wanna come across as needy, that's why I waited 2 days. Also I did say what's up, you'd think she'd reply and be interested in chatting and saying hi. even if I didn't say what's up, you'd think that now that she has my number that she'd text me you know? I can't possibly send 2 texts in a row now..

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    • Do you think I should ask why she didn't respond to my first text? or even if she got it?

    • She will probably feel uncomfortable answering, but you can do, I don't see nothing wrong with that:)

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  • Maybe she was busy. If she's a student, there could be a high possibility that she's studying or doing homework. I wouldn't sweat it much. I know of many times where I turn off my phone to focus on something else. Hopefully she texts you soon! :3

  • I think you waited too long to text her... don't be afraid to jump in and let her know you are interested... a lot can happen in 2 days. While you don't want her to think you just want in her pants you also don't want to leave her hanging.

    • thank you, I will certainly make my intentions more obvious as shock-n-roll suggested. Oh and it was technically like a day and a half, I hope that doesn't make all too much of a difference. Got her # Wed night, didn't text till Friday after noob(1 pm)

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  • either way she should of responded if she was interested , another possibility is its not even her real number ? did you verify at any point it actually belonged to her ?

    but it could be her real # and she should of responded as girls don't go far from phone these days .

    it leads me to think something was up and there is some reason she isn't responding , maybe at work she though you just wanted to be friends than realized you wanted more ? did you get the feeling she wanted more or was just being nice . it wouldn't be that unusal for a girl to give a co-worker a # but not for dating purposes

    • First of all me and her have a mutual friend who happens to be my best friend, so I compared numbers with him to be safe and yeah I got the right number :)

      If you could do me a quick favor and check out the link I posted in the question, you can see my interaction with her. She did look down(sign of embarassment/submission) when I wittily said a flirty compliment about her which is good imo.

      and again when I talk to her in person, she does seem genuinely fine with me as a person. she doesn't

    • give me body language that's like "go away, I'm not interested in chatting at all" ya know?

    • i have no idea for sure , it seems like when you asked for # she would of know it was for dating purposes and she gave you the real number . all I can think of as she has changed her mind since she gave you the number this is somewhat common . she just pulled back a bit from whatever she was thinking before , I'd maybe give her some space and definity stop texting her if she's not repying . wait for her to warm up to you again

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