Text/chat advice please

Hi everyone. Thanks for any advice. I'm 17 btw.

I've been chatting this girl on fb for a few weeks now and we have like... NOTHING to talk about. Like seriously nothing in common. I'm the one that starts conversations. I know some of you will be thinking why chat a girl you have nothing in common with but I think I've got oneitis.

She's into dancing, she's 16, crazy pretty and I just think she's really cool.

So anyone have some ideas on what to talk about, how to change topics without suddenly saying something like "what's your favorite animal" suddenly (random example :P)

Also how do you start up text games like truth etc.

It's weird because I'm fine with talking to people and holding a conversation face to face but we're currently on exam leave so I can't really do that.

Oh yeah might sound weird but I haven't talked to her face to face before. Was just really 'euphoric' or something one night and chatted her on fb and regretted it ever since because if I see her irl now it's gonna be awkward.

Thanks fr any advice :)


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  • Ask her how exam leave is going? Ask if she wants to hang?

    But chances are that if you don't have anything to talk about Facebook that irl it will be exactly the same.

    Do you even know her or just thought she was hot and messaged her?

    • I guess it's kinda hard to explain. We have a school house competition and I'm one of the house captains so I had to lead my house. She's younger so she isn't a captain but she got told to lead her house and that's how I know who she is. I don't really know her though. If you know what I mean?

      I guess.. One of those people at school that you've heard of but never had a conversation with.

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    • Thanks for the advice

    • No problem, thanks for best answer.

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