Did she bail on the date?

Well let's say a guy and a girl go out to coffee as a date. The guy didn't know it was a "date" until he got there. They both have good conversations for an hour when the girl looks at her phone and apologizes for being distracted. Then 10 min later, the girl says how she is going to have to leave soon because she has plans with a friend. Then 10 min after that, they both leave together and the girl goes back to her house.

What's the odds the girl has a real reason to leave vs. the odds she was just bailing on the date?

How long do you plan for a coffee date? Would you leave the rest of your night open, or would you maybe assume it'd last an hour or so, so you'd make plans for after?

What do you think is going on? Would the guy here likely not get another date or does he still have a shot?


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What Girls Said 1

  • Depends on how the date went. If it was quiet, not very spontaneous, then chances are she bailed. If it all went great, you both laughed, you had fun, you felt this good vibe, then she just had to leave.

    But to be honest, who makes plans with friends on a night you have a date?

    • I thought it went well... but then again, I've gone on dates that I thought went well and they apparently didn't haha. It was just a coffee date. So maybe she only expected it to last an hour or so?

      But yeah, it's weird to have plans then. Who knows. I'm not sure if I'm really that interested in her actually. I just want more time with her to see if that interest is there or not...

    • Oh OK, if it's not going to the movies or dinner. It could be that she thought it would be like one or two hours. Just ask her to hang out again, go for a drink, let her know it might get late so she doesn't have plans again.

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  • Most often people budget just a few minutes for a coffee chat, especially if one of the pair didn't even thik it was a 'date!' Most likely she was telling you the truth about having something else to do.

    Yes, you should make plans for after in such a situation. As for another date, most likely not, or she would have brought it up before she left! But it doesn't hurt to ask her since maybe she REALLY had to leave in a hurry and there wasn't time to discuss other plans.