Do you text your girl buddy often?

My guy buddy went on a business trip for four days. During this short trip, he texted me at the end of the day or when he's got a free moment. We'd chat a little bit. Just wondering how often do you think of or miss your girl/guy buddy and how much time do you spend texting her/him?


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  • you like him don't you, that's why your asking? if he liked you too he wouldn't stop texting you during his free time, and the convo would last for hours? that's what I do when I text girl I like anyways and would never stop thinking of them

    • Well, yes, I like him. A lot. But we didn't chat for hours. Sigh. Still happy he texted me though.

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    • When we talk, it's always jokes because we are always in a group. Sometimes we talk about work and a little about our family. So far, during our private chats, we talk about what we are going at that moment and what we observe around us. I guess we are afraid to touch on the topic of each others' love life/interests/romantic expectations yet. I will try though - probably will try to make it sound light, the way he does when he's asking me about my guy friends. Thanks again.

    • no problem, I have approved your friend request, yeah I think you need to start to subtly hint that you like him, does he tease you with his jokes and have playful flirting with you?

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