Dating in high school: Steps after texting?

I am really interested in this girl and we text quite a bit. We have been having text talks for about a week or so now and was wondering what the next step would be. I am a senior and we are both 18, I never dated before and she is the first girl I ever went after... so I'm new to all of this.

Anyway, I got a few questions off of this:

1) At what point would a girl get impatient with me? Did I already blow it or am I cutting it close?

2) Her text responses vary from 5 minutes to 30 minutes to respond, is this bad or good? When I text her I tear myself apart wondering how she will react to what I said.

3) Its coming up on winter and I need a date idea, I was thinking of phrasing it as "hanging out" so it doesn't put too much pressure on the whole date feel. Where would be a good place to go and get to know each other more?

4) I am typically a very very shy person, so I think it is pretty obvious that I like her because I have never spoken or given this much attention to a girl and I think she and everyone else knows it.

5) Are there any sure signs she is not interested? How do you girls act when you are not interested? Moderately interested? Very interested?

I have a lot of questions and I thank anyone who has the patience to answer honestly. I can deal with let downs so please speak your mind on this subject and don't try to baby my feelings.


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  • 1) If you just kept flirting with her via text, and never asked her out

    2) This is awesome. Nobody's phone is tied to their hand and you can't get anything else done if it is... She's obviously writing back as soon as she has the chance and has worked out what she wants to say

    3) Do something that's alf chatty / half paying attention to something else. Like a movie followed by drinks or ice skating... something that isn't going to force you to pay attention to each other all the time just to make it a little more comfortable / give you some conversation points

    4) That isn't a question. But yeah, chances are she knows

    5) While you're just texting.. I wouldn't bother thinking about that. Wait for a ocnrete sign, like not getting back to you about the suggestion of hanging out or stopping talking ot you after it

  • I think you're too young to date in high school, just my opinion.


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