We've barely interacted after the date....any point in asking her again?

I suppose we're friends, but after the date we've made minimal contact in the 3 weeks since then. No text or phone calls and we've seen each other in person a few times in class, only to completely ignore each other, no eye contact, nothing. The one time I talked to her, it was just us two in the hall, so we just made small talk for a moment (because to ignore her outright would be rude/show her she holds too much influence over me).

On my end, I'd be willing to try again, but I'm not feeling it from her end (hence my reserved demeanor around her). The date didn't end all that well as it seemed she didn't want it to go on much longer and, to be honest, I didn't do a good job either.

Any point in kicking the tires again? Or just let it go?

No, I don't think she's worth putting that much more effort in because, believe me, I did all the chasing to get her to go on the date (although it appeared SHE was the one who was into me, so I thought all I had to do was ask and I'd she'd go, but I guess that wasn't the case). And if I'm not getting enough positive feedback from her, I'm not going to keep trying.


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  • If you want to try again, go for it. If not, move on. All I can say is do what you want. If you want another chance, take it, otherwise you will spend the next few months regretting it. She might want a second date too, but she may be getting the negative vibe from you. You never know.


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